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Touch of Class Paithani

  • What is Touch of Class brand means ?

        Touch of Class is synonym for the Paithani which is royal, cultural legacy of Indian tradition. We named our brand Touch of Class because our aim is not only offer you a textile of tradition and culture but inherently impart the royal touch that was enjoyed only by the Royalties in Past.

  • What is Paithani Saree ? What History it Carries ?

        Paithani Saree is the foremost and finest traditional saree made from Pure Silk and precious metal thread (Gold & Silver) well known as zari. Paithani is weaved on primitive tapestry looms operated manually. It is thus completely hand woven textile and takes anywhere between 1 month to 2 years to finish depending upon design and intricate features it brings. Generally each Paithani is designed individually and bear unique features and combinations. Lower range Paithanies are therefore have common and repetitive features compared to higher range ones those made individually. Traditionally Paithani was worn on special occasions like weddings, festivals, celebration by royalties and riches but being affordable to everyone today, it is also used as an attire of specialty in social gatherings, business meetings. Read complete article on history of Paithani here.

  • How Paithani is made ?

         Paithani Saree is the foremost and fine weaving by delicate hands and concentrated mind. Kindly read ART page and go thru these images for a closer look. A video will give you a great sense of this painstaking art. A common question on the pricing of Traditional Border and Brocade Border Saree can be answered by there technique of weaving. Read this for a quick difference. 

  • Authentic Paithani Vs Bangalore-Dharmavaram-Banaras Variants ?

         Paithani Saree, for its demand and admiration but more importantly due to its value are manufactured on semi-automatic and power looms in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Banaras. They look more intricate and with attractive colors. Ability of CAD-CAM enhances details and thus attract most customers at first look. Looking at quick money, most sellers/dealers will not tell you the truth. Look for too precise symmetry and minute details which are characteristics of machine made Paithani besides the rear appearance. [Identify real paithani tips]       

   We are specialized in  custom designed Paithani Sarees. We have over 1400 designs made so far and each Paithani we make is uniquely designed as per clients dream.. Please note that custom made Paithani take more time than usual as it require making of it from scratch. Common designs  can be made into different combinations of color, Border and Pallu in reasonable time. We always welcome custom orders without any limit and attempt to do our best in providing the same. Due to uniqueness of each custom made Paithani, we do not display them on our website. Write us with your ideas and we will design and weave one Just for You.

  • Why there is no Shopping Cart or Direct Buying facility at TOC ?

        Paithani is special, differing from most other textile you buy online. We want you to see and find which one is best for you. Communication allows us to understand your selection; making it possible to offer you a perfect Paithani. Given so many websites charging higher prices and selling low quality products we think it is necessary that we earn your trust and give you a memorable shopping experience.

  • Do you offer Blouse Stitching ?

        Yes, we do stitch blouse. Please use this page to send us measurements. Sample Paithani Blouse Designs here.

  • Do you Issue Silk-Mark prescribed by Silk Mark Organization of India & Government of India?

        Silk-Mark is a seal of assurance that guarantee that every Silk Paithani or Accessory you buy is made from finest Pure Natural Silk. Each Touch of Class product is tested and validated for quality, sustainability and accompany Silk-Mark.

  • Do you ship internationally ? What are Charges and Timeline ?

        We ship worldwide. So far we have shipped to more than 40 counties from United States to South Africa. International orders shipped by EMS POST/ DHL & FEDEX. Orders are dispatched within 48 hours excluding Holidays. It may be delayed by a week if you order Fall-Pico or Blouse stitching. Normal Delivery time is 4-5 days. Indian Delivery is done by DHDC/BLUE DART or Speed-Post based on location/service available and takes 3-4 days.

  • Do you accept international payments ?

        Currently we accept PayPal as international payment. You may use your credit card or bank account and pay through PayPal. Soon we will be incorporating Credit Card Payments through our site. You may as well send us Bank remittances (for International payments) and Bank Cheque/DD/Money Order for Indian Payments.

  • What are return policies at Touch of Class ?

        We guarantee each and every Paithani we sell. It includes our assurance of return, exchange provided it is not altered & tampered with. Your satisfaction is our profit and we will make every effort to earn it.

  • Can we visit your Store ?

        Our presence is essentially on web. Our policy of supplying affordable and authentic Paithani limits us in investing in Brick-&-Mortar store which will nothing but adds premium on every Paithani we make. By keeping all overheads to zero, we are able to supply Paithanies at manufacturing cost. Our aim and existence is to offer most reasonable price with highest quality that will be appreciated by generations to come and should be within reach of every individual.

  • You can visit us at our current location with prior appointment and we will be more than happy to have our entire range of Paithani Saree's and Accessories to go through.

  • How do we contact you ?

        You may contact us 24x7 by e-mail  You may call us between 10.00 AM to 7 PM (IST) Monday through Saturday at 91-20-24210353.

        To write us: Request address to this  e-mail

  • Do you have outlet elsewhere or franchise ?

        No. We work directly with our clients. We do not have distributor, representative or agent to market/sell our products. We have come across incidents where some entity claim to represent us or our products. Beware such entities.

  • Can I make a suggestion or comment on something ?

        We are eager to understand you and different view points. Drop us email at any time with your comment and advice. We will treat it with greatest honor and implement every possible step that will enrich buyers and visitors experience at the Touch of Class.

  • How we use profits ?

        Touch of Class makes tiny profit from its sell with assurance of highest quality and lowest price. Profits are used to pay pension, healthcare plans and our support system for weavers & their family. Large part goes to education funding for growing children. Very small part is also contribute in our research of Maratha Art & Culture. All expenses such as website, marketing, exhibitions, designing and innovations with other necessities are sourced from Rashmi & Prashant Tapadia's personal income from consultancy they run.

  • Contributions (Not $$$)? 

        We do not accept any donations in monetary terms. We are working deeply to organize and write concise history of art and culture of the Maharashtra. Your literature contributions, suggestions, content and references are of great value to our quest. Please do drop us a line with question or information.

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