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v     Thank you. I Received and Loved Chanderi Saree. [Jaishree S, Delhi, India] May 13, 2014.

v     Very pleasant experience with Touch of Class! My red paithani is truly with Touch of Class! All my family liked it and are looking forward to see me on BIG day. Thank you so much.  [Jayanti B., Hyderabad] May 05, 2014.

v     Thank you. Received my Chanderi Saree. It is very very beautiful and elegant. Looking forward to add more to my wardrobe. [Anitha R, B'lore, India] May 11, 2014.

v     Hi Rashmi, received my order. Thanks for great service and I appreciate your help in selecting right sarees. Thay all are very beautiful. Will send you my images from engagement celebration later this month. [Lakshmi Devaraj S., Hyderabad] April 30, 2014.

v     Hi! Thanks for sending my order quickly. Chanderi is very very beautiful than I thought. Off course Paithani is equally beautiful and so rich. Also loved your way of packaging and presentation box.  [Kalyani M, Hyderabad, India] May 04, 2014.

v     My designer blue paithani went from Poona to Gurgaon and arrived in Chicago yesterday. Its just a wonderful saree: color is gorgeous, design wonderful. Color is too good - I do not have any saree in that shade and its well above my expectations. I love this saree and cannot wait to buy a new one. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.. [S. Chattopadhyay, Chicago, USA] Apr 19, 2014.

v     Touch of Class is a very heart touching website and I wish to get more colors which i don't have in future. The colors look exactly same in the website and also when we see personally. Information was clear and also they responded very promptly always until i receive my sarees. It is perfect. [A. Reddy, Kennesaw, USA] Apr 16, 2014.

v     Excellent Collection and Quality. Your collection is unique and top of the line workmenship. Very satisfied with the service and prompt response to my emails. [Sarika P., USA] Mar 28, 2014.

v     The saree was delivered in a professional packing .... Pleased with it. Loved the colour. I have already recommended you to quite a few people as I think your collection is different and I may try chanderi sarees too. Do let us know when there are promotions/discounts .Many thanks. [A. Naik, Mumbai, India] Mar 14, 2014.

v     Excellent Collection and Quality. Pleasure to do business with. Excellent quality of products. Very happy with the sarees I have from you. I adore them and hope to pass on to my Girls one day. Very happy with use of modern colours. Hope to see some different and unusual concepts in the future. [Paulomi P., London] Mar 11, 2014.

v     Excellent Quality and Service as usual from TOC. Very Happy for everything. [S. Tulumuri, Virginia, USA] Feb 25, 2014.

v     Excellent service, beautiful collection. very good and professional. I wish to be a part of the Touch Of Class Team for their dedication and efforts. Bless you All, keep up the good job. Lets order more and more from you. The Broad border paithani, we want more in Light colour combinations. Love you all.. [Barnali R., Delhi, India] Feb 09, 2014.

v     Good designs and efficient. I was happy with my purchase from you.will visit you again also. Excellent Collection and Quality. [A. Mittal, Ludhiana, India] Feb 09, 2014.

v     Thank you. Saree was delivered very speedily to USA. Packaging was nicely done. Off course Saree is excellent and as per TOC standards. Love it. Your knowledge and dedication can be seen in each saree. [S. Patel. California, USA] Jan 16, 2014.

v     Touch of class has authentic Indian collection wide range of choice. Many thanks for your efficient service and prompt delivery of my small order - I will have no hesitation in recommending you to others and look forward to doing business with you again in the future.
[M. Ghani Mittal, Mumbai, India] Jan 15, 2014.

v     I am very glad by buying this because it has enhanced my collection. Great! I would like to buy again [S. Thakkar Rajkot, India] Jan 09, 2014.

v     I don't wear sarees really but accidentally came across your site and after going thru collection I ordered one. I like the way Rashmi oversee each transaction and attend client with sincerity and knowledge. This website truely speaks her heart. Very very happy with saree and my recommendations to all to try this once and you will be fan. [Sandeepa G., Chennai, India] Jan 06, 2014.

v     Never knew Paithani is so difficult to make. Website is very very informative and brings alive each piece displayed here. Services are outstanding from answering to fist mail till a survery post delivery. Keep the great work. Bless you all. [Manali Pande, London, UK] Jan 03, 2014.

v     Excellent. I wanted to learn more. The website was amazingly informative and then the responses to my questions were very helpful. I think what attracted me to this was that it came from the heart.Personally it was a very positive experience. I was happy to have the constant feedback and I appreciated it. I think the intial impression I gave off was I was checking the price. I was not. I was simply trying to understand why the saree was so expensive. Having actually seen the saree and the quality of the workmanship I understand it better. [Sheta S., Singapore] Dec 19, 2013.

v     When my husband, Abhay told me that he wish to buy me a Paithani saree and that too from online store, I ridiculed him and asked him not to do so. On his insistence we went to various sites and with my resistance alive till last minute ordered a beautiful Lotus Paithani from Touch of Class. During the process we exchanged several mails with TOC and each was answered quickly with all details. Although bit confident about them I was not happy. Finally payment made and saree arrived after 10 days to our Florida home. They provided us all details and even tracked movement of package. When I opened package it was big big surprise. Very well packed and timely to start with, saree is way more beautiful and finest craft I ever seen in Paithani. Outstanding! It was my turn to be ridiculed as Abhay is working on other order for his younger sister as birthday gift. Hats off to Touch of Class. Everything you have done is truly class apart. [S. Sri.,  Florida] Nov 1, 2013.

v     Thank you Touch of Class! Saree arrived earlier than expected and is very beautiful. I only regret that I should have ordered few months before when my daughter engaged. Any way, please check my other email for 2 sarees. Red one is for my daughter and Off white for mother-in-law. I know they will be as beautiful as this one so sending payment right away. No more questions needed. Thanks again for wonderful and TOUCHY service. [Sujatha, Ontario, Canada] Oct 28, 2013.

v     Hi Rashmi, thanks for all help in making my mind to order custom-made Paithani. I know it was irritating but you always responded promptly and with so much energy. 8 months passed in quickly and here I am with my dream coming true. It now make me wonder how you picked all my thoughts and put in this saree. Such a beautiful piece and that is exactly what I dreamed for. It feels dream itself. I now understand why you say many times that you weave with heart and soul. You have both well immersed in this saree. Thanks a million. [Aasha P, Delhi, India] Oct 21, 2013.

v     Hi, received my saree this afternoon in very well packed and on time. Saree is truly an art. Thank you for your speedy and accommodative service. [Ranjita Shankar., South Carolina, USA ] Oct 29, 2013.

v     Hi TOC, this is to acknowledge and thank you for beautiful Paithani saree. Every word I heard and read about you is true to the fact and I am glad that I choose you for my first ever online shopping of Saree. Thank you. All the best. [Nayana  P, Perth, Australia] Oct 23, 2013.

v    Received package today. Sarees arrived safely and are as beautiful as promised. We sincerely thank you for giving us opportunity to contribute in your work and we look forward to do it again and again. Thank you. [Smita Patwardhan, Mumbai, India] Oct 18, 2013.

v     WOW, what a beautiful saree. I just wish I can buy all designs from your Celebration page. Thanks Rashmi for highly professional service and personal touch. [Abhi M, Cleveland, OH, USA] Oct 9, 2013.

v   Received my package yesterday. All 3 sarees are beautiful. Everything was smooth and prompt. Thank you. [Sudha K., Oxford, U.K.] August 28, 2013.

v     Hi TOC, thank you so much for wonderful and special Paithani. It is far far beautiful than what I thought from website. Your customer support rocks. Always informative and instant. I am glad that I found you. [Nayana P, Kent Ohio, USA] August 9, 2013.

v    Thank you for helping me selecting sarees and processing all my queries so quickly. I rate you 5* on all accounts. Will buy again soon. [Minal G., Indore, India] August 8, 2013.

v     Hi, I you know I made my purchase from you with reference from my friend and your customer from last year. She told me everything good about you with my own experience I can say that you guys are doing great work and exactly what I heard of. Such consistency and dedication is remarkable. I am very happy that I am able to contribute in the up-keeping this art. All the best. [Kanchan K., Chicago, USA] July 30, 2013.

v    Thanks for your super fast processing of my order. My mom received saree this afternoon on her birthday. She is very very happy and complimented for your art. I am very thankful for your courteous offer of gift wrapping and greetings.   [Manish D, Dubai] July 19, 2013.

v     Buying online isn't my first choice and something expensive is scary thought. With several mails with Toch of Class, I finally ventured and today after opening package, I am very very very happy. As I had been to many exhibitions and places to see Paithani, TOC's claim of outstanding Art is cent per cent true. There collection is way classy and unique and given that prices are best on earth. I recommend to all to try once. [Chanda K., Chennai, India] July 15, 2013.

v    Thank you TOC for Extra-ordinary Product, Service and Dedication. Will be a regular client for sure.  [Rama N. Swamy, Hyderabad, India] July 7, 2013.

v     Well, first my sincere thanks for attending my last minute request for sending Saree to my Mom for her Anniversary. She is very very happy. I am glad I chose TOC Paithani over all options. You Rock! [Nikitha, Santa Clara, USA] June 26, 2013.

v     Hi, received package moments ago. Wow, such a beauty in it. Thank you for a most desired Paithani from the Class Apart people. Thank you. [Ushadevi Dandamurthy, Hyderabad, India] June 15, 2013.

v     Received 2 Sarees and blouse Pcs in very good condition. It was quick delivery. Loved them both. Btw, it was my anniv and birthday gift to my wife which happens days apart next week. Thanks for all your help in selecting a perfect pair. [Kamalesh P, Hyderabad, India] May 30, 2013.


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