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Touch of Class Paithani



Touch of Class Paithani: Weaving Your Dreams with our Passion!


Each of us have a dream of possessing something...something SPECIAL with all the ingredients of our likes! Our Home and its Interior, our Car, Jewellery and off course a beautiful attire to list a few. We compromise and give up some as each one of them comes with a Price Tag that we always don't find comfortable or justifiable. But yet we have that dream alive for the 'day' that will fulfil it anyway.

Touch of Class's existence is for those who possess Beautiful Dreams! Our efforts and wish is to fulfil a small part of it. With most sincerity and dedication we make it a wonderful journey in realising your precious dream. Our efforts of Reviving Paithani Art is also a quest of getting you a beautiful, rich and yet affordable Paithani of your dream.

Touch of Class is specialised in creating most intricate and beautifully designed hand woven Paithani's. To make it unique and a class of its own our strong force of 75 artisans dedicate their soul and heart to weave each thread that illuminates the glory and richness of most precious textile of India. We weave your dreams with delicateness, beauty and joy to make it heirloom of one's family.

Tell us about your dream Paithani and leave rest on us.


Send us your design, colour, pattern or anything that you wish to incorporate in design and we will weave your dream delicately.

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: Note :

India is changing. Cities and Villages are coming closer. The Economic Revolution is reaching to farthest corners. In effect, lifestyle is taking a toll on prices almost on daily basis. The result is every few weeks the making of Paithani is becoming expensive due to inflation in material, operating and labour cost. Please not that the Custom order Paithani may be 15-20% expensive than in-stock collection. This change varies case to case and will be communicated accordingly.

COPYRIGHT 2010-2014 Touch of Class Paithani!



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